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At Aichologist, we understand the importance of constructive communication and how the lack of it affects the psychological safety in the workplace. We have developed an AI-based psychological support service that offers a unique approach for dissolving the social disconnection.

Our winning solution from a psychology hackathon PsyHack in 2023 has gone through numerous iterations, resulting in a demo that offers instant help for understanding, reformulating and communicating your everyday challenges that cause headache in the workplace.


Securing the Sustainable, Efficient and Healthy Working Life

We understand that effective communication and collaboration are keys to achieving sustainable, efficient and healthy company culture. That's why we strive to offer our customers the best AI-based psychological support service to improve their workplace environment. Our focus is to help people understand and communicate their problems more efficiently, while at the same time providing them with insight and guidance to ensure the career success they deserve.


Our Journey and Roadmap

2023 Spring

1st place of PsyHack 2022 in Helsinki

Our founders attended and won the PsyHack -psychology hackathon competition in Helsinki in the early 2023. The name of our team was called "Interpreter of Needs", which still reflects our vision and mission.

2023 Fall

Iteration, team, technology and working demo

We assembled our founding team reinforced with seasoned organizational psychologist, technology expert and business-IT professional. We are progress oriented, we understand the problem, we talk to our customers and we develop our own technology.

Team Meeting
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